A Redesign!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve completely redesigned OpenDota from the ground up. We’ve brought Material Design with an OpenDota flair. The new design better organizes and presents our data, loads much faster, and makes the data much easier to consume. [Read More]

Explaining Rankings

This post will hopefully explain the methodology behind hero rankings in a more layman-friendly manner. While the code is publicly available, it may not be understandable by many users. [Read More]

Why we don't distribute parse work to users

Every few months, someone will suggest that we should have users parse replays, similar to how distributed computing projects like folding@home work. There are a few reasons that we haven’t attempted to do this: [Read More]

Detailed Damage, Sponsors, and UI Reworks

We’ve rolled out a new tab - damage. While we have long shown damage done via skills, we’re now breaking down the damage received. Use this tab to figure out why you’re dying so fast, and maybe change your play and item builds in response. Now you can see how... [Read More]