It’s Q4, which means it’s time to look back on our financial situation over the last three months.

The jist: things are looking good!


We spent $1534.60 on server costs, bringing in $777 in donations on $83.51 in fees.

Additionally, we brought in $1192 in advertising and sponsorships.

July net income: $351


We spent $1434.97 on servers and an additional $42 on domain costs.

We received $512 in donations with $126.56 in fees. Finally, we received $2554.19 in advertising and sponsorships.

August net income: $1462.66


We spent $1429.48 on servers, but received $468 in Cheese with $99.26 in fees.

We received $2013.15 in advertising and sponsorships.

September net income: $952.41


OpenDota has now just over $2000 lifetime earnings. Sponsorships and advertising have really brought in some revenue for us which has now given us a small rainy-day fund for now. We hope that this revenue maintains itself so that we have more income stability and more money to invest in improving OpenDota.

Thanks for your continued support!