The summer is wrapping up, but there’s always fun to be had playing Dota, and we’re here with features and changes sure to bring more joy to your Dota experience.

Most importantly, we’ve decided to rename ourselves to OpenDota! You can now find us at, though we’ll still keep the URL around as well (your browser should automatically redirect to the new domain).

Though YASP is a great name from a developer’s standpoint, it wasn’t particularly great for users and especially new users who wouldn’t be able to tell that we were associated with Dota 2.

We also think that this better encapsulates our mission statement: a free and open source project aimed at providing statistics and information to improve our users’ performance. So we’re now the OpenDota Project.

With that in mind, we’re releasing an API so that others can build upon the OpenDota platform.

  • We’ve always had a strong developer focus and are super excited to see the things you build!
  • Need more data? Feel free to submit a pull request or open an issue to add the endpoint you need.
  • Please restrict yourself to one request/second to ensure everyone gets their fair share of the API.

We’ve released a few other awesome features:

  • Camps stacked Now available for match pages.
  • Parties Displays the parties that players queued in.
  • Refresh history If a player has toggled their match privacy setting and you want to check for any missing matches, this is now a self-service operation using the refresh button on player pages!
  • Pro player names Pro player names (rather than Steam “persona names”) are now used on match and player pages, if available.

We’d also like to update you guys on our financial situation. Since our last post about financials, things have been going well! We’ve added a few new partners to the mix:

  • eBlur provides Feedless - a Dota 2 Coach AI that gives you cues in-game to help improve your play.
  • BecomeTheGamer brings stats directly to your game with in-game draft analysis and direct links to your match on OpenDota after the game is over.
  • Pvgna integrates directly with OpenDota to link you to hero guides for the heroes you’ve recently played.

We’ve brought these partners in help support OpenDota but also point users to more ways they can get better at the game. These partners all have great products that many have found helpful, and we think they help enhance the OpenDota user experience.

Thanks for your support, and happy Dota!

-The OpenDota team