We’ve rolled out a new tab - damage. While we have long shown damage done via skills, we’re now breaking down the damage received. Use this tab to figure out why you’re dying so fast, and maybe change your play and item builds in response. Now you can see how Zeus managed to go 31-2. Yeah. He did a lot of damage to you.

We’re also proud to announce our first official corporate sponsor: https://www.jist.tv/. We’ve all seen highlight videos of pro matches. Now, you can have your own video highlights, just like your 9K MMR deserves. Jist lets you easily make videos from your match replays, through replay upload or, now, through the Jist button on each YASP match page. You can watch these replays on mobile or any browser, easily share them with friends, and watch other users’ replays.

Jist is an example of exactly the kind of partership we’re looking for for YASP. Jist integrates nicely and obviously with YASP and what we’re doing – what better way to analyze a match than to actually watch it? And obviously, the partership keeps our servers running, so that we can continue to provide a powerful service for free and to as many users as possible.

If you’re interested in a sponsorship, or have an idea on othe revenue streams we can pursue to keep YASP running, send us an email to [email protected].

Finally, we’re working on rewriting our front end and our UI. It’s a (really large) work in progress, but you can follow its development at http://ui.yasp.co/. As always, it’s completely open source. Feel free to help out! We’re writing it as a SPA in React.

One of the most major complaints we’ve seen about YASP has been its UI, so we’re really hoping to improve it. If you have any suggestions, hit us up on our Discord channel.

Thanks for your continued support!