Today, we’re bringing back ads to YASP.

While we’ve ran YASP without ads for over half a year, our costs have continued to rise, making donations alone unsustainable in the long term. With ads, we hope to bring in at least $500 a month which will considerably help us with our server costs.

One reason for that ads is that this month we are on track to spend $2000+ on server costs. This is because we’re doing data migrations in the background to improve our site speed and reliability. Hopefully, the following months will decrease our costs as our migrations finish. To add on, for the month of April, we spent $1,527.48 on servers. We took in $1415 in donations and paid $105 in fees, making April a net loss of $217. Finally, at the time of this writing, we’ve raised less than $700 this month.

We’ll still keep, and need to keep, Cheese around. Ads alone also won’t cover our costs. But we remain commited to providing free stats for all our users. To incentivise donations, as soon as we’ve reached the monthly cheese goal, ads will disappear for everyone for the rest of the month. For this month, we’ve set the goal at $1600. After fees and the projected ad revenue, we hope to reach zero loss and zero profit.

Don’t like this change? We understand! If they bother you, feel free to use an adblocker on the site. We suggest uBlock Origin, avilable for Chrome and Firefox.

As always, we will continually reassess our financial situation and act accordingly. YASP will continue to be a not-for-profit enterprise. Should Cheese improve, ads may prove to be just a temporary measure.

Thanks for your continued support!