Global Performance Benchmarks!

Today we’re pushing out global performance benchmarks. See how every hero performs across all player skill levels in a variety of stats, including last hits, GPM, and kills. [Read More]

One Year

We released YASP to the public one year ago. That was a big and ugly day for us. We quickly shot up to 2,000+ users, and we were only prepared for less than 100! We scrambled to handle the load, rewriting a ton of code to handle the influx of... [Read More]

OpenDota, MMR, and You

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how MMR tracking works now, and we’re sorry for not making it clear. When Valve rolled out Source 2, they changed how MMR is displayed. Instead of only your friends being able to view your MMR, it’s now only viewable if you... [Read More]

Automatic Match Analysis

We’re constantly trying to think of things to do with the data we get from replays. One idea we’ve come up with is trying to offer advice to players based on their statistical performance in a match. [Read More]