Today we’re proud to introduce a public preview of our newest feature, the Data Explorer!

Feature Overview

  • The Data Explorer is a tool that helps users answer questions about players and performances in professional Dota 2 matches.
  • Users can easily construct queries by clicking on their desired fields and parameters.
  • Fields support auto-complete, so just entering tim bat into the select field will find Timing - Battle Fury.
  • Once you’re done building your query, you can get your data in a table directly on the page (the table button) or open a new tab with the raw API response (the JSON button).
  • This flexibility ensures that you’ll get the data you need regardless of whether you’re you making a one-off query out of curiosity or trying to feed the result to another program for further analysis or visualization.
  • Users who are comfortable writing SQL can also tweak the generated query or write their own from scratch.

Example Queries

Technical Details

  • The database schema is available here.
  • Only SELECT queries are allowed (obviously), so trying to DROP TABLE matches won’t work. (Sorry, script kitties.)
  • Queries time out after running for 30 seconds. Plan your queries accordingly, and use the LIMIT and OFFSET keywords to page your results as needed.


We hope you find this new feature both exciting and useful! Let us know on GitHub or Discord if you have any feedback regarding this feature or have any new feature requests, or submit a pull request yourself! Happy Dota :)