As some of you may know, the mobile application for OpenDota has been in development for a while. Now, we are proud to announce that the application is now in Open Beta! The application is developed in React Native so that both the iOS and Android builds are made from the same codebase.

For those of you who are interested in beta testing the OpenDota mobile application, please send me (via Reddit PM or Discord PM) your email address & device type (e.g. iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, etc).

The download and install instruction can be found in our mobile repo:

Here’s how the app currently looks:

If you have any comments or issues, please open an issue on Github or have a chat with one of us on Discord.


When will this be released to the app store?

We’re planning on releasing this to the app store around end of December - early January.

Why does x feature does not exist in the mobile app?

Our plan for the app is to reach feature parity with OpenDota website. We will enhance the experience and add more features gradually.

I’m interested in contributing to the app development. How can I help?

You can contact me (Proyoyo) on Discord #mobile channel and let me know what you want to implement. Or hit up our GitHub issue page and submit a PR related to the issue.

Thank you for your support!