Today we’re pushing out a few small changes:

  • Our teamfight analysis now tracks healing. Gone are the days Omniknight is ignored in teamfights!
  • Replay downloads: Had an amazing game? Want to hold on to it forever? Nothing beats seeing it again for yourself. We keep replay URLs for a while after we parse a match. If we have it, we’ll link you to it on the match page so that you can download it without having to open up the Dota 2 client. You’ll have to decompress the replay using decompression software like 7-Zip.

Also, courtesy of community developer coreymaher:

  • Damage Done/Taken totals and kill/death totals are now on their respective match tables.
  • A pesky bug where our match analysis would give poor grades when items are repeatedly purchased (like a late courier) has been fixed.

One of YASP’s greatest strengths is that our code is completely open source! Want to fix something or add a feature? You can do that! Check out our Github.

Thanks, and happy hunting!