New YASP users always had the question: “Where the heck are my matches? What crappy website is this?”

Since we came around relatively late to the stats scene, we never had all Dota 2 matches played in our database. Users had to log on and we’d queue them for “full history,” where we’d eventually get (almost) all their matches added. Given some users had to wait several weeks before they’d get their matches added, it definitely wasn’t the best experience.

Now, we’re happy to announce we’ve went back and added all Dota 2 matches, and will continue to add them all going into the future! Eventually, we’re also planning on exporting this data (and our parsed data included of course!) into a data dump for those interested in doing their own stats analysis. We’ll let you know when this happens.

But what’s the point of having all these matches if you can’t search for specific players? You know you gotta check how much better you are than your friends. Well, search is now here. Find your friends today and start gloating. Note: first-time loads of profile pages might be slow. We’re working on making this faster. Subsequent loads should be much faster.

Finally, MMR has always been a misleading number. Some players have high MMR on specific heroes and probably much lower MMR on others. (OD/Invoker spammers?) Today, we’re releasing rankings to show you exactly who’s the best at what heroes.

  • Players are scored on heroes based on ranked games played, win rate, and MMR. The full details are available on GitHub if you’d like to propose changes to the ranking algorithm. We’ll probably tweak this ourselves as well.
  • Each hero’s top-ranked players are shown on the corresponding hero page.
  • Each player page now has a new tab showing their rank and percentile for every hero eligible for ranking.
  • Only ranked games are counted and only players with a publicly shared MMR are eligible for rankings, since MMR is part of the ranking calculation.
  • Rankings are reset quarterly.

Thanks for all your support! At the time of this post, we’ve raised $1133 out of $1400 of our monthly Cheese goal. All funds go directly toward running the site. You can see our April financial report here.

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