Happy 4/20!

Last month was the first month we released financials. We got a huge outpouring of support last month: $2994* over 544 transactions, an average donation of $5.50! Thank you so much for all your support. We paid $259.57 in fees. Our server costs for March came to $1247.65. The invoice is here.

For this month, we expect our server costs to be $1400 as our database is now 4.2TB and growing. After fees, this sets our revised Cheese Goal to $1550. At the time of this post, we’ve received $914 in donations from our generous users. Thank you so much! As always, meeting our goal covers our costs for the month. Anything extra will go toward our rainy-day fund, in case we have a slow month.

Look out for cool new features this weekend!

Thanks one last time for all your support,

The YASP team

Twitter: @yasp_dota

*Our Cheese goal counter may have wrongly reported $3000+; there might be a race condition somewhere in our code… Rest assured, all payment processing and reporting is done through Stripe and Paypal!