February 2020 Update: MMR sharing no longer works, the only data available on a player’s MMR page is the data that has been gathered previously. The instructions on this post are no longer valid.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how MMR tracking works now, and we’re sorry for not making it clear. When Valve rolled out Source 2, they changed how MMR is displayed. Instead of only your friends being able to view your MMR, it’s now only viewable if you add it to your profile card. It will then be publically viewable.

If you want OpenDota to track your MMR, you must add MMR to your profile card. If you added a OpenDota MMR tracker to your friends list before, it can be removed. It doesn’t do anything anymore.

To add your MMR to your profile, click your profile card from the Dota 2 home screen:

Then click “Edit Profile”:

You can select “Solo MMR,” “Party MMR,” or both, depending on what you want tracked on OpenDota.

The distributions tab displays aggregates of the data of all the players we have in our database who have solo MMR in their profile. While this data may be a biased sample, it gives us a snapshot into how MMR is distributed across the Dota community.