Much thanks to all those who have contributed their time to this milestone release. We couldn’t have done it without your vision and expertise!

I write this post hours before our next release to the public. Since the last release about a month and a half ago, we’ve added a ton of features, including:

  • MMR tracking. Friend one of our bots and have your MMR graphed!
  • Hero positions (heatmaps!) and lane positions.
  • Full history - Get your entire match history added (if you remain a loyal user ;))
  • Replay uploads for parsing. Have an old replay? Add it to the site!
  • Requesting parsing by match ID.
  • An optional dark theme

And of course, we’ve made the site much more stable and scalable, since the last release didn’t go that well…

But last but not least, we added the ability to buy cheese less than a week ago. With projects like these, it’s always a question of how you’re going to keep the servers running. Ads just don’t cut it (though they help), and as our userbase has grown, we’ve needed faster servers and greater storage space. Adding some way for users to contribute money was our only real option to keep the service going.

(Given our mission was to provide free match parsing for users, subscriptions and other paywalls were out of the question.) And ultimately, it was a bet on the Dota 2 community.

In these six days, we’ve really seen how generous this community is. We’ve raised enough to keep us up, at least for another month. It remains to be seen if we’ll keep getting the necessary contributions, but we have faith :)

We have a Cheese progress bar so you can gauge our progress. If we hit it each day, we’ll have enough to pay the bills!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have contributed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who are using the site.

We’ll keep trying to improve for you guys!